Want to keep fit during lockdown but don’t want to go outside? Like a challenge?

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

Climb a Mountain to beat COVID!

Stair climbing is an excellent way to keep fit! One of our more senior patients has challenged himself to The Matterhorn and has inspired us to figure out other famous mountains. Challenge yourself to climb: Ben Nevis (1345m) The Matterhorn (4478m) Kilimanjaro (5895m) K2 (8611m) Everest (8848m) No ice axe or thermals required! How to calculate your mountain? Measure your ‘going’ and ‘rise’. (The average going is 26cm and rise is 22cm). Remember Pythagorus? a² + b² = c² 26² + 22² = 676 + 484 = 1160 (c²) Square root √1160 = 34cm or 0.34m Multiply 0.34m by number of stairs eg 12. 0.34 x 12 = 4.08m – this is your staircase mountain. Ben Nevis is 1345m 1345m divided by your staircase = number of times you need to climb your staircase to hit your mountain target. Eg 1345 / 4.08 = 330! Based on this calculation: Ben Nevis = 330 (4/day) The Matterhorn = 1098 (13/day) Kilimanjaro = 1445 (17/day) K2 = 2111 (25/day) Everest = 2169 (26/day)

Now this seems like a lot but if we are to be isolated for 12 weeks (84 days) the figure for each day is in brackets. If the maths is too much to calculate for your own staircase, just do the average as we’ve listed above. If you want to challenge yourself to do it over the initial 3 week lockdown go for it! Remember to always maintain breathing effort to a level where you can speak in short sentences, never gasping or unable to speak. Stop and rest if you are working too hard. Send us photos of your ‘mountaineering’ – hats and scarfs included – and we will put the on the website to keep up morale!

Happy Climbing!


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