Orthopaedics with Professor Gordon Mackay

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The beauty of the InternalBrace as a repair mechanism is that it harnesses the body’s natural recuperative powers.


Surgery should happen as quickly as possible after the injury, and the patient is encouraged to use the repaired ligament/tendon immediately after surgery, meaning there is no period of incapacitation..

World-leading sports surgeon Professor Gordon Mackay started a revolution in sports medicine when he invented the Internal Brace.


This innovation repairs damaged ligaments in half the time of standard techniques, and without damaging side-effects.


The Internal Brace is now the gold standard, with Professor Mackay treating many high-profile professional sportspeople as well as non-sporting patients.  

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The Future of Ligament Repair

The InternalBrace is the future of ligament repair because it is a painless addition to any ligament repair or augmentation which protects it during the crucial period of healing and remodelling


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