SPACE Clinics Tele and Online Consultations

SPACE Clinics hugley talented team of physiotherapists are now offering all NEW and EXISTING patients ONLINE VIDEO and TELEPHONE physiotherapy consultations.

We are determined to continue to offer our patients the best care and these services will allow us to continue to diagnose, give advice and reassurance to our patients. It will also allow us to watch you do your exercises, review them and progress them - especially as it has never been more important to stay healthy.

If you are considering increasing your exercise in this time why not get some advice on injury preventative exercises?

Have some time on our hands and looking for advice on conditioning, why not use our rehab experts!

Keep a close eye on our social media pages for exciting developments/announcments and blogs about all things exercise and rehab.


We look forward to hearing from you soon so we can help you remain strong, fit and healthy and to keep moving forward during this time


Stay well,


The Team at Space



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We intend to use Zoom for video consultations. It is a free and encrypted video messaging service. Patients will be required to download the app or visit the website.



It is easy to use but where possible we will conduct a test call to ensure patients are familiar with the technology ahead of their appointment time. After making your appointment you will be given further information about making the call.  




30-minute online video consultation: £35


For new or existing patients to provide thorough Physiotherapy advice, exercises and self-management options.


To make an appointment:



You will receive further instructions on how to start your call after making your appointment 


Additional information:




Consent for the consultation is implied by a patient undertaking the consultation.




It is patient’s responsibility to ensure their computer or tablet has adequate anti-spyware and virus protection. If a phone is used, the call is only as secure as a normal phone call on your mobile network.


The consultation will not be recorded but clinical notes will be kept as is normal practice in face to face consultations.




Standards of confidentiality will be as with face to face consultations.

It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure their area is private

Records will be kept securely.


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